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        Welcome to the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco (IPCB)!

Here you will find the essential information about the Institute such as the Schools and their locations, courses and our Erasmus+ student mobility procedures.

Also take a look at the information about the city of Castelo Branco, where you will find some useful features.            

The Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco (IPCB) is a public higher education Institution created in 1980. This Institution contributes actively to the region’s growth through the regional development and the improvement of the city’s quality of life. It has strong partnerships with important national scientific Institutions. It also develops research and development projects with several European Institutions.

Nowadays, the IPCB has six schools that offer degrees in several areas such as sciences, arts, education, health, management and agriculture.

The IPCB opens its doors to the world and students’ mobility is an important vehicle for internationalisation strategy.

The experience of studying at a higher education institution in another country is one of the best ways to increase the knowledge and skills, not only scientific and technical, but also language, relational and cultural, which are increasingly recognized and valued by the labour market.

We greet all the students coming from all over the globe, seeking the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco to complement their education; with your presence, IPCB becomes a richer institution and we hope that your stay will also be a remarkable experience and deeply enriching.


                It’s easy to study at Castelo Branco and to enjoy Portugal!

If you want to do a mobility period (Erasmus+ or International Mobility), please check here

If you are an international student and want to be enrolled in IPCB for a degree programme or to learn the Portuguese language and culture, please check here



IPCB in Great Demand

The Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco (IPCB) has been in great demand, being in recent years the Portuguese Institution of Higher Education most sought after by the students to Higher Education studies. According to data of the Higher Education Administration, the IPCB had a rate search of 542%, placing this Institute on the 1st position of the ranking of the most sought after Higher Education Institutions in Portugal.

General Information Study in Portugal (the governmental website about higher education


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